Counselling is a sacred activity.

Sacred is defined as “worthy of respect or dedication”*. When two or more individuals are choosing to been seen and heard with dignity and respect, it is indeed, a sacred moment.


We often go through life in a blur and build up years of misunderstandings, hurts and pain as a result of not being seen or heard. The fact that you’re on this page is that you’re looking for something different; you are looking to be seen and heard.

Finding the right counsellor is greatly dependent on finding a good fit. I hope that exploring the site will help you decide whether I am the right counsellor for your needs.



Where you journey to become more whole. My work with you will help you to connect your behaviour with your thoughts, feelings and inner motivations.


My goal every session is to ensure that your voice is heard and to continue to promote mental health awareness with every client.


I desire to help you to take risks, to embrace new perspectives, to become more independent and to connect more meaningfully with others and with your world.


I am here to support you to become more “fully human” (Satir quote). Being more fully human means to know your strengths and to embrace all the parts of who you are.



I was hesitant to attend counselling because there were so many areas I needed to discuss and no idea where to start. Heng-zi helped me understand areas in my life that I wanted to work on and figure out which ones to tackle first. I received fantastic therapy which helped me feel more balanced and that I was on a better course for my life. The clarity Heng-zi helped me get was extremely settling even after one session! Heng-zi genuinely cares about her clients and always does her best to find time for you. If you want a counselling service that you can trust, no matter how confusing or unclear your situation might seem, this is the one!