My foundation as a counsellor comes from the Satir model.


The Satir model focuses on working with clients to experience change by looking at the client’s family-of- origin, unpacking communication styles, and exploring their inner reality.


The work I do is centered on the needs of the client. I follow the lead of the client to where they want to go.


I believe that every client has strengths to enable them to change and live the life of their choosing.


I desire to help clients go deeper into their work meaningfully, but safely. It is always at their own pace.


If the client chooses this option or it seems more appropriate, I will use the sand tray approach with a client. Sand tray therapy using the Satir model is a powerful modality that looks at activating the right brain to process deep pain and issues in a non-intrusive and creative way. Whether it is with youth or adults, the sand tray can be a therapeutic and effective way to untangle inner concerns to gain clarity and freedom in one’s life.


I work experientially with clients. It is not just a matter of talking, but often it is working to identify what is happening in the body at the same time.


Therapeutic change is anchored in relating to what is happening physiologically.