Counselling is about working towards healing and wholeness. One should experience change in one’s body, heart and mind after effective therapy. Counselling is not advice giving and problem-solving.

In the hurriedness of modern living, we often want things to happen quickly. Counselling is a process where healing takes time, effort and commitment. As the mission statement describes, healing and change happen one moment at a time. If you are hoping for a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘miracle solution’, then unfortunately, I cannot help you. What I am here for is to create a space for you and exclusively for you to journey to find hope, clarity, freedom and healing.

Having said that, some clients will be able to find resolution for their situation within five sessions. Other clients find that it takes more time and more sessions. What I ask is that you embrace the journey and what it entails for yourself.

We will often spend a lot of time and resources taking care of our bodies, but how often do we take the time to take care of our hearts and inner life? It is our inner world that carries our bodies daily and yet we often neglect or suppress the pain. Counselling allows you the time and space to take care of your inner person.


Once you have emailed or left a message, expect that I will be in touch with you within 48 hours. On your first visit, I will ask that you fill out a confidentiality and informed consent form. Normally, the first session is a time for assessment and to begin identifying the direction that you want to take in counselling.